9 of the Best Restaurants Near Tampa Airport

Are you looking for the best restaurants near Tampa Airport? Whether you're looking for a quick bite before your flight or a leisurely dinner after a long day of travel, there are plenty of great options near the airport. From fresh seafood to Brazilian skewers and specialty tortillas, you can find just about anything you want. If you're looking for the best restaurants near Tampa Airport, here are 9 of the top spots to check out.

1.Ocean Prime – If you're looking for a modern American restaurant with an extensive and impressive menu, Ocean Prime is the place to go.

With vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options on the menu, there's something for everyone. Seafood lovers will find this restaurant especially delicious. Don't forget to check out the wine list and enjoy the perfect wine with your main course.

2.Cooper's Hawk Winery Restaurant & Bar – Located just across from International Plaza, Cooper's Hawk Winery Restaurant & Bar is one of the best steakhouses near the Tampa airport. With more than 21 million passengers passing through Tampa Airport each year, it's no wonder this spot is so popular.

3.The Capital Grille – The Capital Grille is a classic steakhouse with an extensive wine list and a menu featuring prime steaks, fresh seafood, and other classic dishes.

Enjoy a delicious meal in a sophisticated atmosphere.

4.Eddie V's – Located in International Plaza, Eddie V's is one of the best seafood restaurants near Tampa Airport. Enjoy fresh seafood dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients.

5.The Cheesecake Factory – The Cheesecake Factory was put on the map when Penny, from The Big Bang Theory, was working as a waitress at this iconic chain. But it's more than great cheesecakes - The Cheesecake Factory has a full menu for just about every taste.

6.Pizzeria Gregario – Pizzeria Gregario is a great spot for pizza lovers. Enjoy pizzas cooked in a brick oven with fresh ingredients and Italian flavors.

7.Local Coffee & Tapas – Local Coffee & Tapas is a great spot to enjoy local drinks, hand-roasted coffee, local beer and tapas menu.

8.Italian Coffee & Pastries – Italian Coffee & Pastries is a great spot to enjoy Italian coffee, fresh pastries and paninis every day.

9.Local & Modern American Cuisine – Local & Modern American Cuisine is a great spot to enjoy local and modern-American food with a menu run by a chef, stunning wines and cocktails.

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