Tampa International Airport: Hours of Operation and Services

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is a unique airport with its entire perimeter surrounded by airplane runways and taxiways. Access to public roads is below one of the taxiways that leads to the terminal and parking areas. The TPA has a main terminal outside the secure area and four operating esplanades: A, C, E and F. The main terminal has three levels.

Level 1 is the baggage collection area, divided into two sections: one with carousels for red airlines and another for blue airlines. Level 2 is the transfer level where passengers can take the corresponding monorail to the departure esplanade. Level 3 is the departure esplanade where passengers will go through security check. The transfer level has a good selection of shops and restaurants and access to the Tampa Airport Marriott.

Riders can also access the SkyConnect train to get to the economy class parking, car rental center and public bus stops. Esplanade A has 16 doors numbered 1, 3 to 12 and 14 to 18 located in the southeast corner of the airport. JetBlue, Silver Airways, Spirit and United operate from Esplanade A, and there's a small selection of shops and restaurants. Esplanade F is located in the southwest corner of the airport and is the main international terminal. The esplanade has 13 doors numbered from 78 to 90 and a good selection of restaurants and shops, including duty-free shops.

The TPA has four monorail lines that transport passengers from the transfer level of the main terminal to the individual esplanades. Passengers are not required to go through security to reach the esplanade, however, only passengers with a ticket can take the monorail to the esplanades. The TPA has four security checkpoints located at the entrance of each esplanade after riding the monorail. The TSA PreCheck lanes are available at all four security checkpoints, and there is an enrollment center on the red side of the baggage claim area. The TPA has Global Entry kiosks to streamline the immigration of passengers with prior approval.

The TPA has an enrollment center located on the red side of the baggage collection area that is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. Registration on arrival, without an appointment, is also available every day starting at 9 a.m., at stand 14 of Esplanada F.The TPA accepts mobile passports for U. S., Canadian citizens and visitors entering the U. S.

Passengers can complete their information on the application upon arrival and present their electronic receipt to a CBP agent. The TPA has three lounges: an Admirals Club lounge, Delta Sky Club and a USO lounge. The American Airlines ticket counter is located in Esplanade C on level 2.The TPA has more than 40 restaurants, bars, coffee shops and fast food counters, from Starbucks to Hard Rock Cafe. There is a good option in the main terminal and in each lobby so that passengers can eat before or after passing security check. The TPA has a lost and found office on level 2, across from exits in front of the terminal. The office is open every day starting at 8 a.m.

In addition, passengers can visit the office or file a claim online for a missing item. The TPA doesn't have a play area for children; however, one cool feature that kids will enjoy is the airport's 6-foot aquarium full of fish native to Tampa Bay. Super Shuttle offers private and shared transfers from TPA to Tampa and beyond. Rideshare companies such as Lyft and Uber operate from TPA and are allowed to pick up passengers outside baggage claim area or SkyCenter One building on a remote sidewalk. Operators can drop off passengers at any level and at any public delivery point outside terminal. The TPA offers several parking options depending on how much time you're away and how much you're willing to spend. The affordable parking lot is located south of terminal close to car rental center and waiting area for cell phones. Indoor and outdoor parking is available with maximum distance of 8 feet and 13 feet respectively. The TPA has cell phone waiting area south of airport close to affordable parking.

Visitors who pick up passengers can wait for free until they receive pick-up call. The waiting area for cell phones has free Wi-Fi, bathrooms, vending machines and charging points for electric vehicles. Official airport parking at TPA isn't most expensive we've seen but choosing to park property outside airport can save money. The Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay is beautiful property located right next to bay very close to airport. The hotel offers airport shuttle service two outdoor pools gym three restaurants executive club. Better yet property is Hyatt category 3 hotel meaning award nights start at just 9000 points per night. For those looking be close to airport there's nothing closer than Tampa Airport Marriott located inside airport itself. The hotel offers its guests restaurant gym heated outdoor pool. Property award nights start at 40 000 points per night.

Hours of Operation

The TSA PreCheck enrollment center on red side of baggage claim area is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.

Registration on arrival without appointment also available every day starting at 9 a.m., at stand 14 of Esplanada F.


  • Four security checkpoints
  • Four monorail lines
  • Global Entry kiosks
  • TSA PreCheck enrollment center
  • Lost & Found office
  • Cell phone waiting area
  • Airport shuttle service